Fund Raise with Taste and Treat Yourself to High Profits

Cookie Dough fundraising has been mixing up for nearly 20 years, and each batch is made specifically—and deliciously—in the name of helping groups achieve their fundraising goals. The Cookie Dough system allows you to plan and execute profitable and successful fundraising campaigns with an affordable product that everyone loves. With many cookie dough fundraising options, you’ll be well on your way to creating smiles for both people in need and people with a serious sweet tooth.

You can customize your product line based on your group, selling large or small cookie dough tubs, or pre-portioned cookie dough trays. The fundraisers require minimal volunteer time, utilizes a simple distribution model, and includes excellent customer support designed to reduce your workload and grow your sale. Spend more time selling and less time dealing with the paperwork!

DOUGH’NT DELAY! Contact your Out of the Box representative today to see how much dough can be raised for your group.