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Employ Multiple Fundraisers Year Round to Reach Your Revenue Goals

Depending upon the group or organization, you don’t have to pick just one fundraising solution.  Most successful fundraising groups use multiple strategies to achieve their revenue goals.  Custom packages can be created to integrate multiple options for the target audience to participate. Groups usually have a tried and true fundraiser that people anticipate and expect.  However, sometimes these fundraisers can get old, leaving the volunteers un-motivated to go hit up the same people with the same product or service.  This is where the experts at Out of the Box Results Fundraising Solutions can suggest new options based on their experience. They will set up an investigative meeting to learn more about your group, analyze the information, and suggest a plan of action with the best way to execute on your timetable. Don’t settle for a fundraiser just based on historical reference.  Get a different outcome with a new custom package designed especially for your group from Out of the Box Results. Let us help you with all kinds of ways to fund raise with our custom fundraising packages.


Benefits of Customized Fundraising Consultants

While many people have organized successful fundraisers within their own organizations, partnering with a professional fundraising consultant company can ensure that you make the most of your revenue raising opportunities. Here is a little bit more information about how your fundraising can be improved with a little outside help.

Restructure Fundraising Campaign

Many people fall into the trap of creating a habit out of a working idea. When it comes to fundraising, just because something works, does not mean it is as successful as it could be. Like with anything, successfully organizing a fundraiser takes practice. We know all the ins and outs of the industry here at Out of the Box Result, from setting up the event, to understanding the psychology of the buyer, to implementing fun new ideas in a seamless fundraising experience. We are connected with other fundraising industries, like Entertainment Fundraising, and have access to great deals that will appeal to buyers who want their money to go to a good cause. As we work with you to develop your fundraiser, your own internal team will develop a new level of executive fundraising leadership. You'll learn how to use past giving and volunteer work to identify likely contributors, how to attract people with real estate or stock ownership, and how to make the most of political contributions.

Initiate Donor Engagement

It can be easy to fall into the trap of resting on the comfortable base of donors you've worked to build up, but for a fundraiser to truly meet its revenue goals, it needs to attract new donor engagement as well. Nowadays, that has never been easier with digital marketing channels like social media, email marketing, newsletters, and even online donation forms. But you won't just be building your base by engaging new donors, you'll be able to engage in old ones in new memorable ways, improving their entire experience. This in turn will help grow your fundraiser as its brand is recognized and appreciated through word of mouth and community interaction.

Reorganize Your Capital Strategy

Every fundraiser should begin with some form of a feasibility study. What are the strengths of your campaign, where it can likely succeed without extra attention? What are some problem points, where do you have trouble engaging people? A third party company with experience in the fundraising industry is an invaluable asset for this process. Whether the company you hire focuses on offering incentives for major donors, creating a great case for your cause, using state of the art software and technology, or helps with the actual hosting of your event, their expertise is sure to come in handy.

Why Out of the Box?

As we mentioned before, competency in fundraising is acquired the same way as competency in other fields: practice and experience. If you are a fund raising decision maker, you can benefit from our company because each one of our team members has years of experience in a position similar to yours. Being new to the game doesn't mean a fundraising event can't go well, but it certainly helps an organization's chances to have someone in their corner. Because we operate in both the United States and Canada, we also have a wider range of demographic information and strategies than other companies that help promote fundraising. Additionally, we are on the cutting edge on the apps and technologies that can streamline fundraising, and even partner with Entertainment Fundraising, with our own special discount promotion cards.


Why a custom, multi faceted solution?

While certain methods of fundraising are tried and true, and work perfectly for certain organizations that are looking for a boost for a cause, some causes require all the resources they can get. For fundraisers who want to maximize their revenue goal, the drawbacks of single-plan-of-attack strategies can compound. For instance, if you're raising money for an important cause, selling cookies and candy might be a great way to get most people to contribute. However, you don't want to leave out people without a sweet tooth from helping their community. A multi faceted, custom fundraising solution allows you to cast a wider net, giving everyone who wants to help a rope to grab on to. And the best part is that as you work with us to develop your strategy, you will be perfecting your own fundraising skills, and will better be able to become an agent of change in the future.


Fun Fundraising Facts

It's called FUNdraising for a reason, it should be a fun experience. However, fundraising does serious good all around the world. Here are some fun facts about fundraising to help remind you of how you are helping your community.

  • Non Profits alone received donations from 1.4 billion different people in the year 2014 alone.
  • There has been a regular trend in America where 12 percent of all charitable donations happen on the last three days of the year. Christmas and the New Year seem to spur people into the giving mood. This is a great piece of information for fundraising organizations.
  • Women tend to donate more than men. By many estimates, as many as 64 percent of all charitable donations are made by women.
  • The way charitable donations stack up by demographic, individuals contributions make up 72 percent of the total, foundations make up 15 percent, bequests (or legacies) account for 8 percent, and corporations give 5 percent.
  • Older generations, from baby boomers back, generally give their charitable donations to places of worship or religiously affiliated organizations. Millenials and Gen X, on the other hand, tend to give to organizations focused on child care and youth development.
  • Despite getting a lot of guff for being out of tune with the world, Generation X gives more often than any other generation.
  • Someone who regularly provides volunteer service to charities is twice as likely to give money as someone who does not volunteer.

We don't live in a perfect world, but we can all do our part to make it a better place. We are very proud of the fundraising organizations that we have worked with over the years, and hope to continue to help them and others raise money for great causes. Fundraising can be a lot of work; there are many aspects to organizing events in general, and fundraisers come with a host of their own problems. We have the knowledge and experience to steer you clear of any pitfalls and maximize your achievable revenue goals. For more information on how we can help design a custom, multi faceted game plan for your organization's fundraiser, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.