Generate Up to 50% Profit and Customize Card with Group Logo

Out of the Box Fundraising has a new way of selling the Entertainment National Mobile App with customized Discount Promotion Cards.  We can make the Entertainment App more tangible by creating custom business card sized promotion cards with activation codes and instructions.  Depending on the size of your group, we can add your group logo to the card so the purchaser knows what cause they are supporting.  And they can keep this card in their wallet for easy future reference.

Once using the app, they will receive national discounts on dining, travel, attractions and shopping.  And the best part is that it could also generate up to a 50% profit margin for your group.  Most Discount Promotion Cards are sold for $20 with the group keeping $10.  It is a great way to take the existing Entertainment App to new revenue levels.

Contact your Out of the Box Fundraising representative to see if this promotion can generate a 50% profit for your group. See how utilizing this discount for your fundraising can help your organization; call today!