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Fundraising with Stickers

Custom Repositionable Stickers & Reusable Vinyl Decals

Here at Out of the Box Fundraising, we are always looking for new and fun ways for people to engage with their community through the fundraising causes so near and dear to their hearts. There are many different avenues of fundraising, and each has its own unique benefits depending on what an organization’s fundraising needs are. One of our popular fundraising solutions, and one the kids love participating in, is Sticker Fundraising.


Our Sticker Solution

Peel. Stick. Restick. Customized restickable stickers make for a great fundraising solution for any group! We can offer a wide variety of custom stickers that have the benefit of promoting your group and earning profit. We’ve been in the fundraising industry for years, and know first hand just how stressful organizing a fundraiser can be, especially when it gets close to crunch time. Our fundraising solutions are designed to help you avoid any common pitfalls, as well as organize your fundraising event in order to help your cause as much as possible.

  • Easy to Install
  • Custom Shapes & Colors
  • White or Clear Vinyl
  • Wide Variety of Material Options
  • Print in Full Color 
  • Personalization 

Every single one of our team members is a practiced fundraising professional. In fact, together, our team members bring over 75 total years of experience from projects big and small to bear for our clients. Although we are based in Detroit, we are proud to help fundraisers around the country succeed at their fundraising goals.


Remember being a kid, and the simple joy of playing with stickers? Our vendors are taking sticker manufacturing to the next level. Want a custom sticker designed for your fundraiser? They’ve got you covered. Want that sticker to be reusable? No problem! You’ll be amazed at how these reusable stickers work; peel them off a surface and restick to a new one with the same strength!

Sticker Fundraising 

raise money for a good cause

Are you interested in our Sticker Fundraising Solution? It’s just one of our customized fundraising solutions. Feel free to give us a call at your earliest convenience for more information about how we can help you raise money for your fundraising goals. One of our friendly and knowledgeable team members will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.