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We do spirit wear & so much more! Contact our friendly fundraising consultants today and see what kind of out of the box fundraising solution we can provide for you!


Sell Custom Spirit Wear Online Without Inventory Risk

All groups, teams, players, fans and parents love Spirit Wear.  It is the best way to advertise and promote your team or group and now it can be a great revenue generator. Out of the Box Result and Ernst Sports have teamed up to create an easy to use custom online store for your team, group or organization. You buy at wholesale, set your own retail price and can earn up to 25% in profit.  It includes a gigantic selection of name brands like Nike, Under Armour and many more to choose from. The store handles everything with a single shopping cart experience and direct-to-customer shipping, all traceable shipping via UPS.  There is zero up-front inventory costs, so with every purchase for your group RAISES MONEY! Let Out of the Box Result set up a custom Spirit Wear fundraising Store for your group and promote your organization with pride and profits. Whether you're also located in Detroit or anywhere else across the nation, our Youth Sports fundraising can be a great opportunity for your organization.

Get the Word Out

Organizing a fundraiser starts well before the fundraiser is even set up. Luckily, many organizations have some level of volunteer or donor base to start from, but that doesn't mean they necessarily get to take it any easier with the promotion. Promoting a fundraiser can involve more of a marketing like strategy with websites, email blasts, etc. Or it can be more of a grass roots kind of organization, with word of mouth promotion, public signage, or a local newspaper article. Here at Out of the Box Fundraising, we have a proven digital and conventional fundraising promotion strategy. Check out our Entertainment partnership to learn a bit more.

Limit Fundraisers

Coming from a fundraising organization that focuses on custom approaches that attack every angle, it may seem counter intuitive that we would recommend limiting fundraisers. However, too many fundraisers of the same type, or at the wrong time, can dilute the effectiveness of a call to action. For this reason, it is appropriate to limit the number of fundraisers of the same type to the times when they are proven to be most effective. For instance, fun runs obviously are not going to do as well in the sweltering summer heat or the frigid cold months, and should be limited to when the weather is appropriate. Likewise, Spirit Wear fundraisers will also be more worthwhile at certain times of the  year, depending on the climate where they are being held.

Promote as a Gift

Americans are frugal shoppers, and frugal shoppers love killing two birds with one stone. That is what is so great about fundraisers, they often fulfill an important service while also helping the community. Ernst Sports carries all of the sought after sports wear brands that people are already looking for. Take advantage of people already searching for these items as a gift, and make it easier for them to promote your cause. On top of it being a win-win situation, people are usually a little easier to convince when they're buying something for someone else rather than themselves.

New/Personalized Products

Just because an organization is raising funds for a good cause, doesn't mean they aren't subject to the same rules as other marketers; they need to make their product appealing both in function and in advertising. Regarding function, our Youth Sports Fundraising solution involves customizing your own inventory from the most popular sports brands around the country. Tailor your options for your audience for maximum reach. With a personalized inventory, you will be able to market directly to your base, hopefully doing half of the work of finding the right product for them.

Utilize the School System

Schools are great about promoting good causes, especially when it can benefit the kids. When it comes to selling Youth Sports Spirit Wear, getting in touch and partnering with your local school district can be a great way to attract people to your cause. Even just getting the word out to the parents in these circles can have a huge effect on the success of your fundraiser. This isn't something every Youth Sports fundraiser will be able to do, but it is often worth the shot if the opportunity presents itself.

How Promoting Youth Sports Helps Kids

Perhaps the best part about a Youth Sports Spirit Wear fundraiser is that it does good for the community on two levels. Obviously, whatever cause you are promoting with the fundraiser will be helped tremendously. However, you'll also be building engagement for youth sports in your community, while selling them the gear that will help keep them engaged. Here are some of the benefits that increased sports activity for kids can have in your hometown.

Improved Self Esteem

There's a certain kind of accomplishment that translates better with friendly, competitive sports games than it does for academic achievement, at least when it comes to the younger age groups. Building these accomplishments early is key for boosting self esteem later in life. Something as simple as an after school soccer league, a good team of kids, a caring coach, and maybe a matching set of Sports Wear from your fundraiser, can have positive cascading effects on self worth later in kids lives.

Develop Team Playing Skills 

Humans have always worked together to thrive, and people who work well with others tend to get far in life. Youth Sports are a great way for kids to get experience working with others in a safe, fun, and caring environment. Give parents a chance to get their kids excited about sports (and help a good cause) by hosting a Spirit Wear fundraiser.

Decrease Stress  

Parents sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that kids don't suffer from stress. While obviously they're not dealing with the pressure of bills and a long work week, they are brand new to the world and its stresses. Like adults, they need a way to de-stress physically. Youth Sports are a great way to focus that energy in a productive way.

Develop Exercise Habits

Most of the habits we carry into adulthood are ingrained when we are kids. When it comes to exercise, it can be harder to develop a habit later in life. Youth Sports instills exercise as a discipline, but in a way that is enjoyable for kids. This makes it much more likely they'll carry these habits later on into their lives.

Why Out of the Box?

Just like our name implies, our organization is dedicated to providing out of the box, customized Youth Sports fundraising solutions to help them raise money for a great cause. We want all of our customers to feel confident in our product and services, and so we are available every step of the way to ensure the process goes smoothly. We really believe in our Youth Sports Spirit Wear fundraising products, and would be happy to walk you through the whole process. There are many other types of fundraisers that we help organize, that can be combined into a custom fundraising solution. Let's get the ball rolling, set up some fun and prosperous fundraisers, and help our communities. For more information about how our fundraising solutions can help benefit your company, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.


Signature Chocolates Fundraising

Signature has been helping fundraisers raise money since 1999. It is hard to find such a proven track record of success, so organizations often do well when they partner with Signature. But their success goes well beyond their experience. They have delicious products that anyone can enjoy. Not only is their chocolate delicious, but it has the best ingredients, making for a true gourmet chocolate.


Benefits of Raising Money Selling Chocolate

Oftentimes, fighting for a good cause can be draining. But it shouldn't have to be. That's where Signature Chocolates comes in. Just about everyone loves chocolate and candy. And there is no reason that helping a good cause, enjoying some fine treats, and building the community can't all go hand in hand. That is why Signature has become such a staple of the fundraising community; it makes the whole process fun!

  • Wide Market Base - As we mentioned, almost everybody likes chocolate or candy. The one drawback to donation based fundraisers is that they can sometimes keep people who care about a cause out of the loop when they aren't interested in the product or service offered. Signature gets around this by offering something that just about everyone enjoys!

  • Product Options - If you know your fundraising participants prefer a certain type of chocolate or candy, Signature has a few different options to choose from. This allows you to tailor your fundraiser to appeal to the maximum amount of people.

  • Brand Awareness - Signatures carefully curated brand awareness can be a huge boon to fundraisers trying to get their name out there. Combined with the wide appeal of chocolate and candy in general, this can allow fundraisers to reach more people than they might otherwise be able to.

Don't wait to learn more about how our organization can help you raise money for a great cause. Reach out during our open hours, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Don't wait to learn more about how our organization can help you raise money for a great cause. Reach out during our open hours, and one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have.